News and Analysis (10/1/11)

The Obama administration justifies its targeted assassination of a US citizen because he effectively propagandized for the enemy in a time of war; wasn’t that the justification given by the assassins of Theo van Gogh?

As liberal and conservative visions of an Islamic state contend for a place in a democratic society, it becomes clear that any interpretation of “democracy” as majority rule would load the game in favor of the social conservatives:

An “investigative program at the University of California discovered that the domestic ‘terror plots’ hyped in the media were plotted by FBI agents. FBI undercover agents now number 15,000, ten times their number during the protests against the Vietnam war when protesters were suspected of communist sympathies” …

… which can explain how Muslim outcast Rezwan Ferdous ended up at the center of the latest case:

Things have changed since the flush of Oslo: America’s inability to deliver Israel has become apparent to all, as has the necessity of Palestinian unity, the value of Palestinian collaboration to Israeli security, and the vulnerability of both Israel and the US to international isolation; change must be real, not simply symbolic:

“Since his arrival on 25 June, it has emerged that no one informed him he was prohibited from coming to Britain and that a Heathrow immigration officer who scanned his passport ignored a live alert to exclude him”:

In the wake of the executions of a probably innocent Troy Davies and a certainly guilty yet repentant Mark Stroman, Islamic reformer Tariq Ramadan reiterates his call for a moratorium on the detah penalty in the US, “in Saudi Arabia, in Iran or anywhere else”:

“Because Islam is tolerant of divorce and Coptic Orthodoxy by and large is not, many Coptic women have converted to Islam to leave their marriages;” to save face some “Christian families have been known to accuse the man and his family of abducting her and forcing her to convert to Islam”:

The victim of the convicted assassin, politician Salmaan “Taseer didn’t offend anybody and nor did he use offensive words; he just asked for repealing a law that was put in place by a dictator and has caused a suffocating environment not just for non-Muslims but Muslims of this country, equally” — Catholic Bishop Rufin Anthony of Rawalpindi/Islamabad:

“Syrian troops fought intense battles Friday with hundreds of fellow soldiers who have turned their weapons against the regime of President Bashar Assad, revealing the increasingly militarized nature of an uprising started months ago by peaceful protesters”:

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