News and Analysis (10/24/11)

“Whatever the outcome is, it is our decision, it is not imposed on us”–Tunisian voter:

“In a speech to a cheering, flag-waving crowd, Mustafa Abdel Ja­lil, head of the Transitional National Council, promised to ban interest on housing loans and scrap other laws that didn’t conform to Islamic jurisprudence”:

Seif al Islam’s legal team, who accuse NATO of targeting civilians in repeated deliberate attempts to assassinate Gaddafi and his family, now demand that their client “be immediately protected should he be arrested and that if injured that he be kept under the continual watch and care by the International Committee of the Red Cross until we are granted personal contact with him… “:

… meanwhile, add to the list of atrocities committed by the new regime in Libya, 53 prisoners executed, some with their hands tied:

Not everyone cheers Gaddafi’s demise:

Rice writes of Gaddafi’s “eerie fascination with” her including “a strange video that had pictures of her with a song titled ‘Black Flower in the White House’ that … was weird, but at least it wasn’t raunchy”:

Is Iran trying to muddy the waters in claiming that Interpol has evidence  Gholam “Shakuri is an MEK double agent” a fact “that would blow the FBI case against Iran out of the water, since they are constantly plotting against Tehran and are entirely capable of trying to frame the ayatollahs?” Why doesn’t the FBI just ask Interpol?

A union spokesman “said that if Hertz believed certain employees were abusing the break policies, then it should have dealt with them individually, rather than penalizing an entire group”:

Muslims have come to “concede that there are people who are gay and Muslim, but (that) they should not do the sex thing. They should get married. But that puts innocent women into a position where they are in a loveless relationship. It forces people not to have a sexual part of their life. And God gave sex to people for enjoyment”–Ani Zonneveld is co-founder of Muslims for Progressive Values:


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