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“Despite the warnings, … [e]ven as other countries stopped handing over detainees to problematic facilities, the U.S. government did not”:

Only one of 12,000 Egyptian civilians tried before military courts since Muhabarak was deposed, Abd El Fattah “rejects the legitimacy of trying civilians in military tribunals” and implicates the military in the violent attack on “thousands of people protesting the government’s response to an attack on a church in southern Egypt”:

As Israel bombs Gaza and its fiery foreign minister threatens to topple Hamas, it fails in its bid to keep the Palestinians out of UNESCO by a 107-14 vote, and the American ambassador ungraciously hints that the U.S. may take its bat and ball and go home:

CAIR calls the Catholic symbols complaint a non-issue; “Muslims pray all the time in various locations. A Muslim can pray anywhere, practically, from a bus station to a classroom to a cubicle at work” — Ibrahim Hooper:

A surprising turnout of at least 100,000 show support for the athlete turned politician opposing U.S. drone strikes and Pakistani corruption:

Gaddafi confidante says the deposed strongman was resigned to capture, preferring “to die by Libyan hands,” but after his demise, despite rebel promises of an investigation, Gaddafi-style anarchy persists in Libya; so far NATO has only succeeded in putting but with the shoe on the other foot:

“U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said an estimated 40,000 U.S. troops will be stationed across the Mideast even after the Iraq withdrawal;” Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says, “”No other party can fill the vacuum in Iraq, except the people of Iraq and the government of Iraq “:

“[C]ries of an impeding Islamist takeover of the Middle East have erupted once more in the western press. But before we give in to our inner Glenn Beck, let’s get a few things straight” …

… no longer comfortably banned from political power by authoritarian regimes, Islamist movements winning elections in the wake of the “Arab Spring” can no longer rest on the unelaborated slogan “Islam is the solution” can learn how to make constructive policies from the success Turkey’s Justice and Development Party:


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