News and Analysis (11/19/11)

A rally dominated by Islamist groups of various stripes threatens the military regime in a manner reminiscent of last January’s demonstrations …

… meanwhile in New York’s Foley Square:

A federal judge has condemned the FBI practice “of deliberately lying to judges under the rubric of protecting national security interests. The FBI can file sensitive documents under seal, but cannot unilaterally override the judiciary branch’s oversight role on FOIA requests by lying to the court, the judge ruled”:

“In a unanimous vote in March 2010, the Lomita City Council rejected a plan for a new consolidated worship center, citing neighbors’ concerns and increased traffic” despite the fact t that “a study from city staff that concluded traffic would remain the same”:

Predictions that the apartheid wall would be used for land grabs are fulfilled:

Seif al Islam’s offer of a transition from charismatic rule to constitutional rule lost credibility when he backed his father’s threats of a brutal response to the Libyan rebellion; the rebels once again having claimed his capture, this time saying he will be given a trial whether in Libya or before the ICC:

“Syrian troops have stormed a central town and a north-western region in search of regime opponents, activists said, a day after the government agreed in principle to allow the Arab League to send observers to oversee a peace plan proposed by the 22-member bloc”:

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