News and Analysis (11/21/11)

With the death toll mounting, Egyptian youth realize their trust in the military has been betrayed, Muslim puritans seek to take advantage of the discontent while the resignation of the cabinet raises questions as to whether next week’s  elections will take place on schedule:

As Bahrain takes a step in the right direction with an admission of excessive force …

… but despite external pressure and military defections, Assad continues his iron fist policy:

“Though the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon officially denied” the Hezbollah chief’s claim to have unmasked two CIA spies, “American officials concede that Nasrallah wasn’t lying and the damage spread like a virus as Hezbollah methodically picked off the CIA’s informants;” as with the 100 Israeli agents arrested by Hezbollah and the Lebanese government, “bad tradecraft doomed these CIA assets”:

Minaret of Freedom Institute advisory board member Prof. Charles Butterworth will be among the panelists discussing “attempts to constrain teaching about Islam and the Middle East on the American campus”:

“After the pressures that Afghanistan and Turkey put on Pakistan at the Istanbul conference,” Pakistan “has agreed to allow in an Afghan team investigating the killing of ex-President Burhanuddin Rabbani”. who “was assassinated by a man posing as a Taliban peace envoy”:

“British Muslims are more proud to be British than the population as a whole, and they are significantly more optimistic about the country’s future”:

The Somali “government fears that the incursion by Ethiopia — a Christian-led nation — may hand the insurgents a propaganda victory”:



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