News and Analysis (11/27/11)

NATO’s killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers provokes a crisis as Pakistanis demand the US abandon the airbase from which its drone strikes are launched, to the delight of the Afghanis:

The arrests of what are probably Iranian informants comes on the heels of Hezbollah’s arrests of informants in Lebanon:

Election day arrives to the consternation of the military, with high hopes for the Muslim Brotherhood and secularists held suspect for their acceptance of the military’s delays:

Support for Obama has dropped and “26 percent of Muslim-Americans don’t see themselves as part of any party;” will Ron Paul be the benificiary?

On the scene in Libya, Franklin Lamb avers that Seif al-Islam has not been properly treated for his injuries because his guards fear that a trip to the only local hospital would lead to an assassination “on order to collect on the substantial rumored Qatar/NATO offered cash reward”:

Nineteen of the 22 Arab countries vote to cut off project funding and central bank transaction but Iran continues to wait:

…. meanwhile analyst George Friedman suggests that the rise of the “Syrian Free Army” coincides with Israel’s realization that Iran strengthened in regional influence by America’s intervention in Iraq is more threatening to them than a potential increase of Sunni religious parties in “democratized” hitherto secular Arab states:

“Opposition leaders said Mr Saleh had no authority to issue a pardon because he signed a deal last week transferring his powers to the vice-president”:


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