News and Analysis (12/4/11)

After the U.S. Senate passes a bill effectively declaring “war on the American people,” libertarian Sheldon Richman argues, “Permit me to state the obvious: The government shouldn’t be allowed to imprison people indefinitely without charge or trial. It shouldn’t be necessary to say this nearly 800 years after the Magna Carta was signed and over 200 years after the Fifth Amendment was ratified”:

The extremist El-Nour Party taking second place after the Freedom and Justice Party in the Egyptian elections is open to a role in a unity government but is not interested in forming a ruling block with Muslim Brotherhood:

“A conference meant to show governments would unite to support Afghanistan was overshadowed on Sunday by a row between Washington and Tehran after Iran said it had shot down a U.S. spy drone in its airspace”:

Analysts debate whether Iran’s provocative actions are strategically aimed at a foreign powers or tactically serve domestic rivalries …

… and whether the Western strategy that brought down the Soviet Union  could deal with Iranian repression and nuclear proliferation “far short of war or economic strangulation that could trigger war,” namely, “to simply contain and constrain the regime until the flawed idea that is the very basis for its existence results in its own demise”:

M.J. Rosenthal finds neoconservatives confessing their fear of “Iran getting a nuclear weapon and not using it” [emphasis added] because their real concern is not “the Iranian nuclear program” but that “the balance of power in the Persian Gulf and the greater Middle East” might tilt way from Israel and towards Iran:

With the clock running out on the Arab League Ultimatum to Syria, nws comes of a major desertion from Asaa’s security service:

“He’s ushering in a new era in the Muslim community of young imams who have knowledge of classical Islamic scholarship, but who are born in America and familiar with American life, and who are able to connect with the youth,’’ Safaa Zarzour, ISNA secretary general, speaking of William Suhaib Webb, imam of the largest mosque in New England:

“The recent battle for the Kajaki Valley in Helmand Province, which ended with few casualties and Taliban fighters in flight, may mark the last major operation for US troops in Afghanistan”:







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