News and Analysis (1/20/12)

Amid protests over the five-year old murder of a journalist, a breaking story of extrajudicial killings of Kurds from the 1990s:

“The United States should repair its image in the Middle East to play a more constructive role in the region,” according to “Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Badie” who “said past U.S. administrations earned a bad reputation in the region by supporting Arab dictators”:

Reformists is a term embracing present and former Muslim members “from 20 to 50 years old” diverse in “profession …, socio-economic status, and place of residence … who advocate for more creative approaches to Islamic texts, … and insist on the necessity of justifying the values of democracy and citizenship in Islamic terms”:

Is Hamas taking the fun out of fundamentalism? “This is more serious than Hamas just killing fun in Gaza — they are limiting the freedoms of the people, according to their whims”:

“Analysts say about 20 of Hamas’s 74 MPs in the 132-member PLC are currently being held by Israel”:

“Newt Gingrich said that the only way he would ever support a Muslim for the presidency of the United States is if that person would “commit in public to give up sharia,” thereby continuing his trend to exhibit his ignorance on the subject of Islamic law (sharia) as well as his ignorance of the United States Constitution”:

The controversial Arab League mandate nears an end:

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