News and Analysis (1/29/12)

Elections for the upper house of parliament begin as the Muslim Brotherhood insists its cause is one with that of the young revolutionaries, but is withdrawing from Tahrir Square after they were pelted with plastic bottles both for endorsing the military’s timetables and for trying to dominate the demonstration with a sound system and a giant stage:

Only about 100-400 Muslim women will be confined a virtual house arrest by Geert Wilders’ anti-Freedom Party:

Desite the concession to female aficionados of the sport, segregation will be maintained and men unaccompanied by female family members will still be restricted to the men only sections:

That the struggle in Egypt is between the young and the military establishment rather than the religious and the secular is demonstrated by the graffiti war:

Iran’s foreign minister says, “We have nothing to hide and Iran has no clandestine (nuclear) activities,” and the state media calls the inspection “a test for the IAEA” to see “if the team carries out its duties professionally”:

Speaking from a script that could have been written by Islamphobe Robert Spencer:

In Libya, human rights groups charge that “torture is being carried out by officially recognised military and security entities as well as by a multitude of armed militias operating outside any legal framework”:

The Syrian opposition is concerned over the fragmentation of militias while the U.N. is fragmented over Russian “interests” in Syria and the Arab League gives up for now:


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