News and Analysis (1/30/12)

A fiery advocate of civil disobedience flees Syria as the evidence that a civil war is taking place becomes increasingly hard to ignore and a question arises as to whether the Free Syrain Army might become a tool for Western interests:

An advisory group has suggested “shortening the time set aside for a 100-member panel to write Egypt’s new constitution, which might allow the election to be brought forward to May” in “an effort exerted to end the tension in the streets”:

It can happen here. A former Bush “intelligence” official” who opines “there should be no freedom of religion for Muslims, that there should be no Mosques in America, and that America is in a religious war that pits America, a ‘Christian Nation,’ against Islam was invited to address our men and women in uniform”:

“The Obedient Wives Club went kind of extreme … by saying you need to behave like a prostitute, so that kind of triggered a very negative reaction, but it was a great debate while it lasted…. It’s hard to ignore them, you know. They’re good for a laugh, actually, I think” — Ivy Josiah, women’s rights advocate who “says banning the book was unnecessary”:

“In a secular democratic country every citizen has a right to protest within constitutional limits. Why should it be wrong when no ugly incident or violence took place? Indian Muslims have never approved violence. Until and unless Rushdie is going to apologize and express regret about his writing, Muslims have a democratic right to protest”:

“Leaders in Canada’s Islamic community are saying the Shafia quadruple-murder trial was fundamentally about domestic violence rather than so-called honour killings,” saying life is a “universal value” after the presiding judge said the conviction sent a message about “Canadian values”:


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