News and Analysis (2/1/12)

“It takes a lot to get K Street to distance itself from a regime. Egypt’s ruling military junta has manged the feat by investigating a group of American NGO workers for criminal prosecution”:

“My 14-year-old son once asked if what he learns at school about rights and liberties was nothing but theory, or a reality that he can believe in. One evening, he concluded that the ‘bad guys [FBI] are using good laws to destroy the lives of good guys.’ Dismayed, he then asked, ‘Is this really America?’ “:

This pernicious law poses one of the greatest threats to civil liberties in our nation’s history“:

A spokesman insists “a majority of the people of Syria believed in a peaceful struggle against the regime. ‘Some security force members and commanders who couldn’t stand the killings of the people left the military, these people sometimes engaging in armed struggles for self-defense. Apart from these, there are no armed groups in the country” …

… and likewise, in Egypt,  FJP leader Mohamed Al-Beltagy, said, “I am against the monopolization of the revolution … when one group claims to speak for the revolution. As long as a demonstration is peaceful, does not disrupt, threaten, burn down or clash, I do not oppose it”:

Is the Brotherhood heading “very far from the principles of the movement”?

The report’s conclusions that “the Taliban’s strength and morale are largely intact despite the Nato military surge, and that significant numbers of Afghan government soldiers are defecting to them, are in stark contrast to Nato’s far more bullish official line”:
While the drone strikes have taken away 1,700 and 2,700 Pakistani lives, the US insists that those deaths are simply necessary to protect the future well-being of US citizens:
The opposition continues to argue against the governments accusations while the government proposes more sanctions against them.

Even after the criticism it received for its passivity during the Rwandan genocide, the UN remains reluctant to interfere with  inner state human right violations:


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