News and Analysis (2/3/12)

“A secret police document shows that the NYPD recommended increasing surveillance of thousands of Muslims and their mosques based solely on their religion”:

As America gives a mixed response to Israel sabre-rattling …

… Khamenei dismisses military threats as evidence “that America has no way but using force and bloodshed to achieve its goals, which further harms America’s rulers, international and domestic credibility,” and adds that “sanctions will benefit us. … More imposed pressures mean more self-reliance for Iran“:

“Photos of Brebesh’s body, seen by Human Rights Watch, show welts, cuts and the apparent removal of toenails, indicating that he was tortured prior to death” constituting the latest of numerous claims of mistreatment by detainees being held in jails across the country”:

Suiniing the Quebec provincial police for $100,000, the “Muslim man alleges he’s become a terror suspect simply because of a workplace quip – he says all he did was tell his sales staff to “blow away” the competition at a trade show”:

Has the Arab spring reached Kuwait? “Opposition secures 34 out of 50 seats in snap parliamentary elections held after anti-corruption protests in December’:

Anger over the soccer fatalities “may provide an opportunity for civilian politicians to come to grips with the military”:

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