News and Analysis (2/11/12)

“Aero’s operations have spawned a dogged opposition movement in its otherwise conservative, fiercely patriotic back yard. The protests continue to gather steam after six years, despite counter-demonstrations and occasional threats, and amid uncertainty over whether Aero is still involved in what critics alleged was a ‘torture taxi’ business”:

“After the hearing, U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance also thanked the Muslim community in Birmingham, ‘which was instrumental in helping law enforcement shut down this threat'”:

Applying the principles of the “maqasad ash-shariah” (higher objectives of the law), Pakistan expands the traditional protections Islamic jurisprudence granted to eunuchs to “transsexuals, transvestites, homosexuals, hermaphrodites and cross-dressers”:

“Iran had topped their group in the first round of Olympic qualifiers after going undefeated, however the Asian nation were given 3-0 defeats in their four second round matches because of their failure to” uncover “their dreams of competing in London abruptly ended”:

“Dr. Laila Al-Marayati, a spokeswoman for the Muslim Women’s League and an OB-GYN who teaches a sex education class at a Muslim middle school … agreed that Muslim families and communities don’t pay enough attention to sexual education and relationships. The results, she said, can include painful sex and dysfunctional relationships”:

Naheed dares to object to letting the people resolve the impasse on the grounds that the environment to which he himself contributed is not one “in which you can have free and fair election”:

The man who tweeted “” said, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to return to my homeland,” but hours later was detained pending extradition there “against his will”:

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