News and Analysis (2/13/12)

Syria rejects the Arab League/U.N. peacekeeping mission; al-Qaeda calls for the overthrow of Asad, but international military action is unlikely:

“[F]or true religion to thrive, for peoples’ affections to be stirred for their Creator, they needed freedom. Freedom from state coercion. Freedom of conscience…. Freedom to accept religion or reject it. When religion, particularly faith in Christ, is mandated by the state … it lulls [people] into thinking they are truly of Christ when in fact they are not”:

After ten years of reflection on arguments over whether and how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a Muslim woman decides, “I will make every day in my marital life a celebration of love and good feelings towards my husband and my family”:

The unity government solution reduces Hamas’s position in government form the unexpected big win in the last elections to something more like what it had expected to win:

In a move aimed “to help restore stability in the Muslim country ahead of presidential elections due next year [, s]ix members from four political parties were sworn in Sunday as ministers“:

A regime that considers even Jay Leno dangerously controversial is accused of being “a thin-skinned government that gives in to the demands of violent mobs, ostensibly to make political gains but in fact to suppress its critics,” such as the prosecution FaceBook and Google executives and the cancellation of ” the screening of a documentary on Kashmir”:

“Authorities in Iran‘s national telecommunications company declined to comment, saying the outage had no connection to them”:

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