News and Analysis (3/3/12)

Military says the five soldiers responsible were “careless, but there was no ill will” …

… but MP and mullah Qazi Nazir Ahmad Hanifi who and other members of the investigating team say that words written in the margins of the Qur’an and other books were merely “translations of difficult Arabic words into Pashto or Dari” and “had nothing to do with terrorism or criminal activities”:

Backed by religious leaders who say Afghani control would have prevented the Qur’an burnings, Karzai stands firm on  transfer of prison control and opposition to night raids:

“Even before the campaign was launched, there was already pushback from two groups, the American Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop the Islamization of Nations, both categorized as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center”:

“Until now the military council cannot understand that there was a revolution and continues the same policies of answering to Washington,” – MB spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan:

An unintended consequence of military threats to Iran? “If true, the 64.6 percent [election turnout] figure is several points above the last parliamentary election, in 2008 – and is meant by Iran’s conservative leaders to remove the stain of the 2009 presidential race and its violent aftermath”:

“Political analysts say Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood is likely to emerge as the most organized political force and a leading player in the oil-exporting country where Islamists, like all dissidents, were harshly suppressed for 42 years”:

The government’s excuse is that it wants recent reform “measures to be in place before Mendez’s visit, ‘so he can assess the progress that Bahrain has made to date’”:

“Syrian forces bombarded parts of the shattered city of Homs anew on Saturday and blocked the first Red Cross aid meant for civilians stranded for weeks without food and fuel in the former rebel stronghold, activists and aid workers said”:


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