News and Analysis (3/5/12)

Arguing that “[d]ue process and judicial process are not one and the same,” the attorney general disposes of the inconvenient need to charge, let alone convict, American citizens before killing them far away from any field of battle:

With conservatives sidelined, Ahmadinejad, blamed for inflation and facing a parliamentary summons for economic mismanagement, loses to his more conservative former allies:

“Here’s what key stakeholders want Egypt’s new constitution to look like”:

Is the “presence of a once-banned Hamas preacher willing to speak incendiary truths” a sign that in the new Egypt the world’s oldest university will be freed from its subservience to the state to resume its place a great independent institution of learning and thought?

Indonesia’s failure to extend the traditional protections Islamic jurisprudence granted to eunuchs to other transgendered persons leaves President Obama’s former nanny in poverty, seeking her “solace in religion, going regularly to the mosque and praying five times a day … just waiting to die”:

The lawmaker was forced to resign after embarrassing his ultra-conservative an-Nour Party, which opposes cosmetic surgery, by trying to cover up his vanity by filing a false police report alleging a mugging rather than a nose-job was responsible for his bandages:

“The attack appeared to be al-Qaida’s response to a pledge by Yemen’s newly inaugurated president … to fight the Yemeni branch of the terror network. The scale of Sunday’s attack points to the militants’ combat readiness as they launch more and more attacks in a region that the US considers a key battleground in the war on al-Qaida”:

Even “hardened skeptics who have lost faith in Washington’s ability to serve as an honest Mideast broker” found Obama’s public professions before the Israeli head of state “that for three years he has done everything Israel wanted”  to be demeaning:

Sudan says it does not trust the U.S. as an honest broker because it broke its promise made before the 2005 peace agreement “to remove Sudan’s name from terror list and” to cancel sanctions “and repeated the same behavior … and backed down on its obligations” again in a later agreement:


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