News and Analysis (3/11/12)

As the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan becomes increasingly embarrassing …

… al-Qaeda focuses on Yemen:

“A 12-year-old boy was killed in Gaza on Sunday amid a spiraling round of militant rocket attacks and Israeli air strikes over the weekend that left at least 18 Palestinians dead and four people in Israel injured. A further 50 Palestinians were injured, five seriously” in the bloodiest Israeli attack since its invasion three years ago:

Britain has a “Muslim spinster crisis” in which ‘[t]he demand for [polygynous] relationships is led by the women, not the men. In one generation women have become educated, entrepreneurial and professional. The Muslim community is struggling with this, how do you cope with women who wear trousers?’

“Nobody assaulted my honour. It was Egypt’s honour that was assaulted and I will keep going till the very end to regain its rights” — Samira Ibrahim, the first woman to file charges:

As the compressed presidential race begins, young opponents of military rule have to choose between a “human rights advocate” with no “national prominence” and an expelled Muslim Brotherhood figure “who strikes a defiant tone against the generals and has taken some liberal stances, but … whose overall agenda remains ambiguous”:

Tipsters’ trust in police  is the “best thing that ever happened” to the fight against terrorist, but “police investigators, prosecutors and mayors in cities nationwide say the New York Police Department” risk losing that trust:


Sanaa accuses Somali Muslim Youths of sending 300 fighters to Yemen

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