News and Analysis (3/25/12)

Her husband came to the U.S. to help the army “U.S. Army, serving as cultural advisers to train soldiers who were going to be deployed to the Middle East” and now she has been beaten to do death by someone who left a note telling her to go back to her own country:

He keeps no prayer rug in his office but ” the principal architect of the CIA’s drone campaign and the leader of the hunt for Osama bin Laden” calls himself a Muslim:

Muslim businesses are blooming in  the “Arab Spring,” but to be really free Egypt will have to rid itself of its militarized version of socialism:

“The Brotherhood leader … told a press conference in Istanbul that his group was committed to “a civil and democratic republican state with a parliamentary system, in which all the people are treated equal regardless of faith or ethnicity … [and] to a state that respects human rights, including ‘the freedom of belief, thought, and of expression’”:

The Federation of Muslim Women’s Association of Nigeria’s enlightenment program, in collaboration with their Catholic counterpart, declares “Most of the killings affect both Christians and Muslims, an indication that it has nothing to do with religion” and that “those who refused to submit their children for vaccination did not have knowledge of Islam”:

Liberalization by the Olympic Committee and by two Muslim countries provides new opportunities for female Muslim athletes:

A nuclear free Middle East is the only sure alternative to Mutually Assured Destruction:

From Nusayba bint Ka’b Al-Ansariyah in 7th century Arabia to several heads of state in recent years, the Muslim world has a long and proud history of prominent women in public life:

Lebanon’s Muslims and Christians join to call for national coexistence and the Palestinians’ right of return:


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