News and Analysis (3/26/12)

The Muslim Brotherhood’s complaints about the military should not be over-interpreted; they are well aware that for the time being they will continue to rule only as long as the military allows them to do so:

Noting that today it has become common for young women to choose mates without parental consent even apart from issues of religious conflict, Justice Tariq Parvez wisely orders the girls caught in the cross-fire of pressure between the Hindu and Muslim communities to “have some time to think over their future in a free atmosphere”:

Reaffirming its status as a rogue state, Israel “has reportedly told its envoy in Geneva not to co-operate with the council or with UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay” and “will also prevent a UN team entering Israel to assess the effects of settlements on Palestinian rights”:

Turkey’s assistance to the Syrian opposition includes hosting a conference at which they try to resolve differences that threaten the movement against the Assad dictatorship:

“As we have undertaken together a joint study of Torah, Koran and the oral traditions of our two faiths, we have discovered profound commonalities between our beliefs. We have come to understand that just as we share a common faith — dating back to our common patriarch, Abraham/Ibrahim — we also share a common fate”:

The situation continues to fray in both Iraq and Afghanistan:

Memo to Ambassador Feltman: How do you think U.S. voters would react if the Taliban took sides in American elections as you take sides Lebanon’s? Engage brain before putting mouth in gear:

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