News and Analysis (3/31/12)

As Israel violently suppresses peaceful demonstrations protesting Israel’s discriminatory land policy observed over the past 36 years …

.. Danny Ayelon, sounding like Bashar al-Assad, defends state lethal repression by calling annual Land Day demonstrations  “political terrorism”:

Physical fights broke out between legislators during debate overthe law giving parents more freedom of school choice, but Erdogan, who says his commitment to secularism is “not at the expense of Turks who want to express their religious beliefs more openly,” calls the law’s passage on a 295-91 vote “a victory for democracy”:

The government thinks siding with the Sufis against the Wahabis is a way to fight terrorism, but “analysts warn that any security strategy that fails to tackle the root causes of anger among Muslims would be counterproductive”:

Poll shows most New Jersey residents are fine with being spied on by New Yorkers because most American “are often willing to overlook its potential conflict with the Bill of Rights” if they think an unconstitutional “surveillance effort will help keep them safe”:

With local Afghan security forces who are supposed to take over responsibility from the U.S. are under attack from withn their own, Afghanistan’s rulers demand to know just what the residual U.S. presence will be after its nominal withdrawal:

At the time, “Argentina blamed the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah for the 1994 bombing, which killed 85 people” but no one was ever convicted for the attack on the Jewish cultural center and now prosecutors accuse “Argentine intelligence services and security forces” of covering up for locals involved in the crime:

“[I]n order for Christians to truly experience the stinging rebuke in Jesus’ parable, we have to find a group that Christians today view with as much abhorrence as the Jews had for the Samaritans in the 1st century. There might be several candidates, but Muslims probably top the list”:

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