News and Analysis (4/2/12)

By breaking its promise to stay out of Egypt’s presidential election,  the Muslim Brotherhood has spoiled its reputation for integrity to the point that members are defecting and it does not ameliorate dissatisfaction with its dominance over the panel charged with writing the constitution:

He wanted to topple Saddam Hussein and he knew Americans wouldn’t commit to a war that would end up “costing more than 100,000 lives and hundreds of billions of pounds” so he lied and U.S> officials with same objective sold the lies to the public:

Long before he “killed eight of his colleagues and one civilian Friday morning” Asadullah started on the road of treason by giving “the Taliban permission to kill his father,” an parricidal act of betrayal for which he was rewarded by the Afghan government with a paid trip to Mecca as compensation for his father’s death:

Saying that “the FBI was undermining its efforts to improve relations with Muslims,” Civil Rights Commission member Michael Yaki called on the DoJ’s “inspector general to consider both an investigation of the Bay Area disclosures and a ‘comprehensive review of the civil rights implications of all FBI engagement activities’ with Arabs and Muslims”:

“I’m a Christian but I stand with my Muslin brothers and sisters…. If it’s Muslims who are spied upon just because of their religion, which group will be next?” — Newark Council member Luis Quintana:

Muslim women at Thompson Rivers University were occasionally frustrated by confrontations with those who have “fallen for stereotype over fact,” so “Hayfaa Golabkhan came up with the idea for the Muslim Sisters Club … ‘not only to show our own culture, it’s to share my ways of helping people'”:

Ironically, Catholic George Galloway’s victory demonstrates the importance of the Muslim vote in Bradford West; his success can be credited to Galloway’s out-Musliming his Muslim opponent and the focus of England’s Muslim electorate on foreign policy issues:

“There is still little international appetite for a full-scale military intervention. But officials from several countries described consensus on a range of escalating steps to pressure the regime, aid opposition fighters and ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches the Syrian people”

“The prime minister of the Hamas government in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, said on Monday that his foreign minister was in Cairo for ‘intensive consultations’ with Egypt and the Palestinian Authority on” Israeli’s chocking off of fuel that the ICRC says is “putting the lives of thousands of patients in danger”:

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