News and Analysis (4/12/12)

“[T]he prosecution in the Mehanna case made the material support statute a vehicle for the suppression of unpopular ideas that fall within the boundaries of the First Amendment – including watching ‘Jihadi’ videos with others, lending CDs to ‘create like-minded youth,’ translating texts freely available on the internet”:

To Saudi complaints that there needs to be a caption explaining the photo, the artist “counters it’s up to the viewer to interpret the meaning, but says she had hoped the photo would show the public that women who wear the niqab are the same as everyone else”:

Among the unintended consequences of NATO’s involvement in Libya is  the waste of millions of dinars and a destabilization of that part of Africa:

“[O]utside of Colin Powell, who did so a few years back on ‘Meet the Press,’ it is difficult to think of many — or any — who have dared to confront the notion implicit in the lie. Namely, that being a Muslim is incompatible with being an American’:

While calling “call for an immediate end to American drone strikes against militants on Pakistani soil,” it is not a pre-requisite for the call “for NATO and the U.S. to pay Pakistan more for the right to ship supplies across its soil and stipulate that no arms or ammunitions be transported”:

With unverified “reports of killings by both sides,” the truce is fragile:

Britain’s MP “told students at Al Azhar University in Jakarta today that Indonesia has demonstrated it’s possible to develop democracy and a modern economy without compromising security or the ability to practice their religion”:






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