News and Analysis (4/26/12)

“Breivik has said that he wants to be judged sane so that his anti-Islamic ideology is taken seriously.” He denied that he has a Messiah complex, that the Knights Templar are not a paranoid fantasy and that what psychiatrists called his “’emotional flatness’ was actually part of his military dehumanization training” to become a cold-blooded killer:

“Simon’s segment made clear that Israel isn’t targeting Palestinian Christians as Christians, rather they are targeted by Israeli policies because they are Palestinians” but he erred grievously when he asserts that the Israeli wall in the West Bank “completely separates Israel from the occupied West Bank” rather than divides the West Bank from itself:

In the wake of demands from Bedouins in the Sinai that the current terms of the Camp David Accords “do not guarantee national security and do not provide for the Bedouin population’s participation in security plans for the Peninsula”:

“’People are scared of things they don’t know or understand,’ Sikorski said, ‘and right now it’s Islam.’ By portraying these women as she sees them—happy, non-threatening surfer girls—her art forces a reevaluation of the connotation of ‘otherness’ that the head scarf often prompts in this country. ‘These are southern California girls,” Sikorski said’:

“Imam Asim Abdul Rashid, of the group that is sponsoring the reward, said Tuesday the the crimes are endangering members of the Muslim community.  ‘It puts our women in danger and it puts a black mark on our community in general’:

Arab Spring in reverse? Issuing a Mubarak-style decree to quash any effective opposition, the NTC bans “the formation of political parties based on religious principles ahead of elections scheduled to take place in June”:

The reinstatement of Mubarak’s PM Ahmed Shafiq will probably split votes with popular secular candidate Amr Moussa …

… to the benefit of the FJP whose candidate has dumped the nearly meaningless old MB slogan “Islam is the solution” for a new completely meaningless slogan, “Renaissance is the will of the nation”:

Iran “is going step-by-step to the place where it will be able to decide whether to manufacture a nuclear bomb. It hasn’t yet decided whether to go the extra mile” – Lt. Gen. Benny Grantz, IDF chief:

“There was no mention of the bus shooting or bombardment in Syria’s rigidly controlled media or comment from the authorities in Damascus, which has barred most foreign journalists since the revolt started. Annan” says Syria “failed to withdraw weapons from population centers in violation of the terms of the April 12 truce he engineered”:

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