News and Analysis (5/28/12)

A different way of fighting terrorism:

When the new UAE-based owners of the bank at which she worked issued a dress code requiring “waist-to-heel skirts and head covers for female employees[,] Salameh accepted the uniform, but refused to wear the head cover on grounds that it violated her religious beliefs and since the contract she signed when she was hired did not oblige her to a dress code”:

A nonproliferation expert confirms that the find of  some uranium enriched to 27% (well below the 90% needed for weapons) may only be a consequence of over-enrichment during initial of output adjustment for medical grade uranium:

“Some fans accused police – who refused to issue a permit over concerns about security – of buckling to the will of a small group of thugs”:

His first song of the visit was “The People of the Boxes.” It is a reminder that too many of us feel much more comfortable packaging our own understandings as truth, set the tone for the day’s performance”:

Mubarak’s former PM Ahmed Shafiq, “leftist Hamdeen Sabahy, moderate Islamist Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh and former Arab League chief Amr Moussa” filed “complaints about a presidential poll that has left voters with what many see as a painful run-off choice between an Islamist apparatchik and a throwback to Hosni Mubarak’s era”:

“[I]t’s been common practice during the recent unrest to treat anyone wounded as if they are a rebel. There are numerous accounts of doctors being harassed and arrested, along with the injured people they were trying to help”:

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