News and Analysis (6/1/12)

“The expiration of the law means in theory that detainees held under its provisions should have been released by the end of the day on Thursday, [Heba] Morayef[, a Cairo-based researcher for Human Rights Watch] said,” but “her group had confirmed that at least 188 people who were picked up under the emergency law remained in custody”:

“What [Christians] are requesting [a special amendment for non-Muslims] is already guaranteed in the Shari’ah, but we have no objection to adding this clause if they insist upon it to make them more comfortable” — Mahmoud Ghozlan, official spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood:

Critics charge that the Islamic council “has been co-opted by the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front for almost two decades [and] has coerced 50,000 people to undergo” indoctrination that “attacks all other doctrines as anti-Islamic,” sacking imams and arresting youths who refuse to participate:

“Muhammad himself” commanded “foreplay. Sex was unholy unless preceded by ‘kisses and sweet words,’ the Prophet had reportedly warned. ‘Let none of you come upon his wife like an animal.’ It is course possible that America’s anti-sharia activists are hoping to ban such advice. It is a lot more likely, however, that they have no clue it even exists”…

… but too many Muslims are equally ignorant:

“Senior Bush administration officials developed the idea of using a computer worm, with Israeli assistance, to damage Iranian centrifuges at its uranium enrichment plant in Natanz,” actions that cybersecurity expert Rafal Rohozinski calls effectively going to “war with Iran”:

A “year after bin Ladin’s death, his personal documents revealed his personal frustrations at failing to ignite a total war between Muslims and the West and his understanding of how repugnant his ideology of death had become to Muslims around the world. Again, we must underscore the vital role Muslims play in contributing to U.S. national security”:

When a historian refuted his claim that his inquiry as to “whether paradise was a ‘brothel'” was a quote from Omar Khayyam, the pianist’s lawyer defended his client’s tweet as “merely expressing his ideas within free speech”:

“Billions of dollars worth of giving in ‘zakat’ and ‘sadaqa’ are unfortunately ineffective by and large… Our giving shouldn’t be driven by our desire to prove that we are good people… Our giving should be smart and effective” – Tariq Cheema, president of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists:

“Syria’s ambassador, Faysal Khabbaz Hamoui, accused 600-800 ‘terrorists’ using Israel-made weapons of carrying out the slaughter in Houla so as to ‘ignite sectarian strife'” and promised confessions soon:

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