News and Analysis (6/10/12)

“Karzai said he had been given a ‘commitment’ that American forces would cease bombing such targets” following “widespread anger in Afghanistan over a raid on Wednesday that killed women, children and elderly people in a home that US forces believed was harbouring a Taliban militant”:

“[T]he longest war in US history … has consumed $57 billion in American development aid”and “more than $517 billion trying to subdue and secure one of the most invaded countries in human history. What, in the end, has the United States achieved”?

“Christian Solidarity Worldwide deplored the ‘rising racism [and] intolerance’ in Burma, which it says ‘follows a steady increase in racist propaganda against Muslims generally'” and which is now an excuse for the government to stall on democratic reform:

“The disparate revolutionary groups cannot agree on who speaks for them and what they want. And the Brotherhood cannot agree on what it needs to do to win the revolutionary vote. Both sides can’t even agree on how important the taxi driver vote is. But they do agree that the fate of the revolution rests with the Brotherhood”:

“A Somali Islamist militant group is offering rewards of chickens and camels for information on the whereabouts of the US president, Barack Obama, and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, mocking the millions of dollars the United States has offered for leaders of the al-Qaida affiliate”:

As Assad forces renew the assault on Homs, the “umbrella organisation for opposition groups” is accused of being “dominated by Islamists and not inclusive enough” and some hope it’s new leader “could attract more Kurds and other Syrian minority groups to join forces with the council”:

Secular idolatry: “A 22-meter (72-foot) high copper statue of Ataturk – the country’s biggest of the iconic figure – was inaugurated on May 19 in northeastern Turkey, a tribute to the near-mystical hold that Ataturk exerts over his fervent believers, whose admiration is rooted in his success in imposing secular values on a largely Muslim nation”:

Why do foreigners have such a hard time learning the obvious lesson “that while invading may be relatively simple, occupying Afghanistan [is] impossibly costly”?

The┬áMoro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) website says that the comments by chairman Murad Ebrahim evidence “commitment” to a peaceful resolution of “the insurgency that has claimed over 150,000 lives since the early 1970s”:

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