News and Analysis (6/25/12)

Following his 52%-48% victory in the presidential election …

… Morsi calls for unity, declaring, “I have no rights, only responsibilities. If I do not deliver, do not obey me” …

… and promises conciliation and vindication of the martyrs, while others speculate on what will really happen in the looming showdown with the military that has stripped the presidency of power, dissolved parliament and made clear it has no intention of giving up its control Egypt:

Turkey’s president dismisses Syria’s charge that it violated Syrian airspace, saying such violations are “routine”:

According to her complaint, “commissioners … rescinded the offer when they learned of her heritage,” asked her “to minimize her work in the Muslim world, because several commissioners were uncomfortable with Muslims” and “one staffer recommended she ‘call in sick’ to avoid a few of the commissioners on days they’d be in the office”:

“The Saudi regime, which closed private gyms for women in 2009 and 2010 and severely limits women’s ability to undertake physical activity, has been under mounting international pressure to adopt a more liberal approach”:

“We fully support the Bill, we have gone through it and it has catered for all the interests. It is not discriminatory to the Muslim community” — Sheikh Athman Mponda, Chairman of the Association of Muslim Organisations in Kenya:

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