News and Analysis (7/9/12)

A former adviser to the Gadhaffi regime, the apparent winner of the Libyan election by a landslide characterizes his party as diverse rather than liberal and calls fora  grand coalition to govern:

“[I]f we only look at anti-Muslim sentiment post-9/11, we would miss a lot. In fact, as Deepa Kumar shows in her new book Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire, … the production of Islamophobia has a long history. Generating anti-Muslim fervor was central to projects of empire-building in Europe and the United States”:

The Constitutional Court only ruled that the party-affiliated candidates in the last parliamentary elections were ineligible to run as independents. Morsi’s position is that that this disqualification of particular candidates does not invalidate the entire election, but the military feel otherwise; crowds return to Tahrir Square:

“The government does not have the capacity to create more jobs. The only way to create more employment opportunities is to support the private sector” — Mohammad Rahim Rahimi, director of the Ministry of Economics in Kandahar:

“MMADV’s mission is to end domestic violence in the Muslim community through Islamic education….  Our focus is on Muslim men educating other men about their responsibilities as husbands and partners so that we can instill nurturing values leading to happy relationships, happy homes and happy communities”:

“U.N. peace envoy Kofi Annan said he and President Bashar al-Assad agreed on Monday on an approach to Syria’s conflict that he would now take to the opposition, and flew on to Iran for talks with the main regional ally of Damascus”:

“The death toll of 63 (many of their bodies discovered in the home of a Christian pastor) in the central city of Jos would have made this weekend one of the deadliest of the year thus far. But then the reprisal attacks by Christian villagers against their Muslim neighbors … raised the toll to more than 200”:

The arrest of the dissident on a charge of sedition may result in fulfillment of widening demonstrations against sectarian discrimination and political imprisonment that he predicted his arrest or death would spark:

“Iran insists it is not pursuing a nuclear bomb, which it rejects as un-Islamic, and refuses to give up what it says are ‘rights’ granted by the NPT”:

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