News and Analysis (7/22/08)

Regardless of the next American administration, Arabs do not expect a change in US Middle East policy:

Recent ceasefire provides a window of opportunity to address Gaza’s deteriorating waste infrastructure:

Residents fear Fallujah leaders may be using threats to security to advance their own political interests in an upcoming election:

Although a coherent Taliban policy is lacking in Islamabad, some fear a US intervention could draw more support for extremists:

Kurdish political party declares the arrest of its leader unconstitutional because permanent “emergency powers,” rather than judicial action was the instrument for government detention…

…and members of Egypt’s main opposition group are arrested for possession of banned literature:

As GE pledges commercial finance to the Middle East and Africa, an Abu Dhabi company hopes to become one of its largest shareholders in the open market:

Reports indicate foreign fighters are joining local insurgency in Somalia:






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