News and Analysis (7/26-27/08)

At the Hamdan trial, they just pretend the CIA doesn’t exist:

Without evidence, India accuses Pakistan with complicity in bombings …

… while protests over land theft underscore that Kashmiris seek independence from India, not annexation to Pakistan:

Under the Taliban opium production was cut 91% on the pronouncement that it was unIslamic; under Karza’s implementation of the American mandated “War on Drugs,” there is talk of “narco-corruption” and a record crop:

Continuing sectarian violence mocks claims of a successful “surge”…

… while things get worse in Pakistan both militarily …

… and economically:

In cases of manslaughter Islamic law encourages forgiveness in exchange for either God’s mercy or financial compensation; Saudis are asking for more cash, and hold the mercy:

As Israel takes a break from killing Gazans, Palestinians take on the job themselves:

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