News and Analysis (7/23/12)

“With Turkey mulling further curbs on already limited press freedom, … Twitter is emerging as a powerful tool to bypass – and discredit – the country’s muzzled news outlets “:

“Neither Reuters, nor New York Times, nor Washington Post, nor Fox News nor their comrades and cronies in France, Germany, Britain, Australia and Canada had uttered a single word regarding the painful days the Muslims of Myanmar are experiencing”:

Although driven out of Damascus, the rebels are deep into Aleppo, as Syria warns its chemical weapons, off the table against the rebels, are in play to defend against foreign military intervention, and the Arab League Secretary-General offers Assad a way to step down:

Is the al-Qaida takeover of Mali an unintended consequence of NATO’s Libya intervention?

“{A]dd the Muslim Brotherhood to the ‘Michele Bachmann is Ridiculous’ bandwagon,” as a longtime Brotherhood leader responds to her charges that his organization has penetrated deep into the highest levels of the US government with the quip, “The Muslim Brotherhood can’t even penetrate the Egyptian government” …

… but why the focus on Michelle Bachmann, when the source of this nonsense is Frank Gaffney?

As the Saudis supply arms and aid to the rebels in Syria, they also call for “an extraordinary Islamic solidarity meeting to ensure… unity during this delicate time as the Muslim world faces dangers of fragmentation and sedition”:

Mission accomplished?

 “Most of the films today are full of obscenity, double meaning words and expressions… It is hateful and sinful. I strongly condemn and object to the visit of film actors, actresses, directors and producers to the dargah (shrine) to seek blessings for such things which are taboo” — Zainul Abedin Ali Khan, head of the Sufi Ajmer shrine:


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