News and Analysis (7/29/12)

“Hundreds of Palestinians are to be displaced despite evidence that the villages have existed since 1830…. The IDF will allow the displaced Palestinians to continue farming the abandoned land and tending cattle on weekends and holidays, when there is no military training”:

“In an example of communal harmony in India, Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan have helped in the construction of a Jain temple in Bhagalpur town of Bihar.” One man “even demolished a portion of his house Friday to enable the movement of a 70-foot long truck laden with a granite stone block, being carried for making an idol at the temple”:

“It all began on 3rd June 2012 when 11 Muslims were killed by the extremist Buddhists with an alleged assistance of Burmese Army after bringing them down from a bus. The Muslims of Burma are losing hopes for a better future as they do not see any sort of help, now, from the International community specifically from the Muslim Ummah”:

A Romney spokesman promises his man “would respect” Israeli aggression against Iran:

It’s not just the athletes. “Muslim women have held pivotal roles in …  ensuring that the clearance of the Olympic Park site pre-construction met the ‘zero-waste games’ goal”:

“Morsi’s response to Haniyeh’s requests … to open the Rafah crossing for commodities” was limited by demands from Israel and the U.S. that Hamas “distance itself from terrorist cells operating in the Sinai” and promote Palestinian reconciliation in order to build a unified Palestinian leadership”:

As “Assad’s forces pound Aleppo,” will the U.S. heed its own advice?

“Since Morsi won, the Muslim Brotherhood adopted more of a conciliatory tone and made an effort to reach out to non-Islamists. The question is if it has worked, and I would say it hasn’t. It’s deep-seated. Neither side trusts the other” –  Shadi Hamid, director of research at the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar:

“It is the first incidence of sectarian violence since the election of Egypt’s first civilian President Mohammed Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood”:

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