News and Analysis (7/31/12)

Franklin Lamb explains why the Lebanese people, no less than the Americans, have a right to keep and bear arms, which in Hezbollah’s  case “give Israel pause before its likely 6th major aggression against Lebanon” or serves as the pretext for Israeli aggression:

The man who ” is considered the CIA’s man in Riyadh” is back:

Rejecting concerns over the crackdown on Muslims, Burmese authorities have detained several UNHCR staff on suspicion of instigating the Buddhist-Muslim riots that killed more than 70 people:

“ASAL is one of the largest companies in the small but burgeoning Palestinian tech sector, which many of those involved say is on the verge of big things,” difficult for Israelis to suppress because “[y]ou just need electricity and a telephone line”:

” Saudi Arabia judoka Wojdan Shaherkani will compete at the Olympics” now that an “International Olympic Committee spokesman said: ‘The judo federation will allow her to wear something which will not compromise her safety, which I think they use for competitions in Asia'”:

“More than 1,000 people, most of them Muslims, were killed by Hindu mobs in the state after a train fire [that] killed 60 Hindus who were returning from a pilgrimage” and was blamed on Muslims:

The latest U.S. government report on religious freedom points a finger not only at Egypt where a Muslim man died after recent sectarian clashes, but some traditional European allies as well:

“Panetta said it was clear to him that Morsi is ‘his own man.’ But Panetta also offered praise to Tantawi, the country’s military leader”:

“Lawyers for Qatada claimed that the seven years he has spent in detention was the longest in English legal history and his continued detention was no longer justified” but the judges declared themselves “quite satisfied” with dismissing with the technicalities of habeas corpus:

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