News and Analysis (8/14/12)

When a soldier shoots and kills a 35 year-old civilian and her 64 year-old mother while they are carrying a white flag, would you call that a war crime? Murder? Manslaughter? When the soldier is Israeli and the victims Palestinians, they call it “illegal use of a weapon” and the penalty is 45 days in jail:

The pundits try to sort out what the Islamists in Egypt (and Tunisia and Libya) are doing:

“We suffered from the unjust regime of Mubarak that participated in the Israeli blockade of Gaza” — Fathi Hamad, Hamas Interior Minister:

“The Taliban threatens people not to accept development projects with American money…. How are we supposed to build these storage facilities? If we talk about them, the Taliban will kill us” — Mohammad Hasan, a senior sub-governor in Ghazni province:

The Taliban “want to expand their influence — show that they are everywhere…. They want to show that the Afghan police are not strong enough so they are targeting the security forces and the government” — Jawid Kohistani, Afghan political analyst:

“Jewish Voice for Peace-Detroit, Pax Christi-Michigan, Detroit Meeting of Friends, Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network, Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East,Michigan Coalition for Human Rights,Pointes for Peace and Michigan Coalition for Human Rights” unite against bigotry:

A “‘pillar of the community’ … is charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm and criminal damage to property, both felonies”:

With Syrian rebels takings h0stages and OIC suspending Syria’s membership, the defecting prime minister predicts the collapse of Assad’s regime:

The Israeli media was absorbed with fevered speculation on a pending strike against Iran, but where s the evidence?

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