News and Analysis (8/16/12)

Denied the right to confront a key witness against her, a woman must pay $1.2 million plus punitive damages  to be determined on the basis of “testimony of a former employee, … which was read by a stand-in because [the ex-employee] was out of state and could not be subpoenaed”:

Tawfiq “Okasha’s network el-Faraeen, or the Pharaohs, was ordered off the air after he warned Morsi not to attend the funeral of 16 Egyptian soldiers killed in a militant attack this month. He said ‘spilling’ Morsi’s blood would be permissible and alleged the president’s Muslim Brotherhood group was behind the attack”:

“Last week, several members of the US Congress wrote to the Bahraini King Hamad al-Khalifa expressing concern over Mr Rajab’s case and urging the release of ‘Bahrainis being held for crimes related to freedom of expression'”:

“[F]ollowing widespread protests staged by Muslims last month, to dispute what they said was unconstitutional government interference in religious affairs,” Human Rights Watch charges the detainees “have had no access to legal counsel or, in several cases, their relatives,” while held “in a prison known for torture”:

Motives for the project include less reliance on foreign workers, diversification from oil, and a concession to the “growing cohort of female graduates who were sent abroad on a government scholarship aren’t content with sitting at home anymore”:

“The three provinces are Muslim-dominated and were part of an independent Malay Muslim sultanate until annexed by Thailand in 1909”:

The Taliban are increasing their violence in Pakistan even Afghan locals are losing sympathy for the increasingly badly behaved movement:

Suspended by the OIC, Syria remains defiant and violent, while the rebels transgressions not only attract UN attention, but are threatening the stability of neighboring states.:

“A few things make Eid different in Gaza: for starters, there seems to be a truce between the Occupation and the Palestinians on this day”:


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