News and Analysis (8/20/12)

Illinois’s governor tries to undo the damage caused by Republican congressman Joe Walsh’s “controversial comments … that radical Islam had permeated the Chicago suburbs and was a real threat” and which were followed by three apparant hate crimes in the following days …

… while once again events demonstrate “how easily rumor can trump truth in Pakistan, [as] almost everyone in [the accused girl’s] neighborhood insisted she had burned the Quran, even though police said they had found no evidence of it”:

The end of a double standard? “For the first time, the U.S. State Department has cited violence by settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank under the heading “terrorist incidents” in its annual Country Report on Terrorism”:

“There were also two separate reports yesterday that Britain and Germany have been offering intelligence support to the Syrian rebels” through the US and Turkey:

A comment of a female Muslim Indian neurosurgeon inspires Eid reflections in a leftist atheist Western journalist:

“This is the new generation of young Muslim parents, which is driving an incredible surge in the quest for education in a community that was always blamed for being backward and conservative, especially with regard to girls’ education.” One parent boasts her “daughters will all become so successful that we will be recognized and respected as their parents”:

Told by a Houston policewoman, ” if you want your religious headscarf, you shouldn’t protest,’ Ilana Alazzah responds, “All of these horrible things that happen to people, are perpetuated by people who say they are just following orders…. When you’re doing your job, there’s a way to do things that’s not infringing on people’s rights and liberties and dignity”:

“They said they were going to distribute the oil money to the people in a fair way. It didn’t happen” — a customer at an Iraqi gas station:

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