News and Analysis (8/20/08)

While the U.S. presses European allies to increase their commitments to the fight in Afghanistan, the Taliban execute a “surge” of their own; Sarkozy says the French will not be deterred:

For a pilot, the charge of “flying while Muslim” can be a career-killer:

The 120 Saudis released from Guantanamo have been ben greeted by a committee of clerics, psychologists, social scientists, and and security people who use “a mix of forgiveness, reeducation, counseling, prison time, and cash” to disabuse them of “‘deviant’ or ‘misguided’ beliefs:”

“No Arab country has had an ambassador permanently stationed in Baghdad since Egypt’s envoy was kidnapped and killed in 2005, although several have named ambassadors this year who have yet to arrive:”

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front warns that the government’s threat of “an all-out offensive in the country’s south” would be “the most serious blunder that this sitting regime could commit:”

As violence continues in Algeria, still no one claims responsibility, though outsiders are suspected:

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