News and Analysis (8/21/08)

Press conference boasts agreement on “aspirational time tables” but U.S. troop immunity, Iraqi election law, and an actual timetable remain in contention …

… as the U.S. releases a journalist held, for the third time, three weeks without charge:

Militant boasts of infiltrators in security forces and intelligence agencies are given credence by Taliban attack on munitions plant against the backdrop of an unraveling governing coalition:

U.S. claims killing 30 insurgents, but 21 civilian deaths exacerbate the “rift between Afghanistan and its Western backers: ”

“Judges order handover of secret information that could support claims of UK resident held in Guantánamo Bay that he was tortured:”

Under Christian pressure, the government reneges on its agreement and the Muslims refuse to renegotiate:

Sayf al Islam Gaddafi, whose past political interventions have been credited with reforming Libya’s reputation, says its time for Libya’s emerging civil society to finish the job:

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