News and Analysis (8/22/08)

With an Orwellian vocabulary, the Israeli foreign minister warns that pursuing peace is the path to war …

… while a drought highlights how Israeli delays and denials of permits choke off Palestinians from their own water while illegal settlers have easy access:

The presidential election is set for Sept. 6, but Sharif accuses his senior partner in the shaky ruling coalition “of failing to respect an agreement to bring back the justices within 24 hours of Musharraf’s resignation:”

Armed Islamists “have taken control of Kismayu and the situation is now calm:”–local resident:

For the Sudanese, the ethno-racial labels used to “explain” the Darfur violence are fuzzy at best and malicious at worst:

A land dispute has “snowballed into full-scale anti-India protests this month, boosting separatists who want India’s only Muslim-majority region to secede:”

An alleged student break-in to the house of resident neighbor escalates into an eviction of the evangelical school from its campus of 20 years:

Islamic law prohibits consummation of marriage before pubescence and requires the consent of both parties to a marriage, nonetheless:

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