News and Analysis (8/23-24/08)

As the S.S. Liberty and SS. Free Gaza successfully defy the Israeli blockade of Gaza, Israelis raids an Islamic charity established to defend Jeruslaem’s Old City mosque from nearby construction on accusations that they support Hamas:

Under pressure from the Afghan President they installed, the U.S. will investigate charges that there were 60 children, 19 women, and no evidence of any Taliban among the dead:

A Bahraini woman refutes the conventional wisdom that modest dress is incompatible with gold medal athletic performance:

A Freemarket and civil society advocate may be on the next prime minister:

The failed attempt to fihgt terrorism through laws that undermine financial freedom and privacy demonstrates “a complete disconnect” from “the underlying reality of how terrorism is funded:”

Russians are unsurprised by Chechnyan rebel attacks after their military incursion into neighboring Georgia:

Even where sectarian killings are down, distrust of neighbors and guards over hostility bred by the invasion and occupation prevent the displaced from going home:

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