News and Analysis (8/25/08)

Al-Malaki tells his people that the U.S. has agreed to a “fixed date,” but State says the agreement is to a “draft text,” not a “final deal” …

… meanwhile, the leader of a U.S. allied militia-leader and his recently released son are assassinated:

In a bid to bolster Fatah over its Hamas rival, Israel releases 196 political prisoners and 2 militants, but 11,000 more Palestinians remain in detention:

As Kashmiri separatists effectively use “peaceful but massive demonstrations for freedom,” their leader is arrested after predicting failure for India’s repressive reponse:

“U.S. counter-terrorism efforts have alienated many Somalis, and a leader of the hard-line Islamic group Shabab says it is ready to unite with Bin Laden’s organization:”

The PPP fears the return of judges dismissed by Musharraf “would leave Mr. Zardari open to prosecution on long-standing corruption charges:”

Attempts to encourage native human resource development by mans of quotas (instead of cutting their people off of their oil revenue dependence) are failing:

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