News and Analysis (8/26/08)

With the U.N. professing possession of “convincing evidence” over 90 civilians, mostly children, were killed in recent coalition strikes, Karzai demands a halt …

… while a similar controversy storms around Sudanese attacks on a refugee camp:

To the Palestinians the reported doubling of illegal settlements is the tip of an iceberg of grievences, but to the Israeli foreign minister they are just “noise:”

In a stunning twist to the controversial case of Aafia Siddiqui, the U.S. now claims the 11-yr. old boy detained during her arrest is the neuroscientist’s son and a U.S. citizen:

Despite charges pending against the PM candidate, Anwar’s party predicts a landlslide victory:

They might have tried Rushdie’s own technique and called the book a “historical fiction,” but instead the publishers plan to publish the book with the 11 lies deleted:

As new violence in Diyala province where the Kurdish peshmerga withdrew perpetuates questions as to the national government’s ability to establish security, Maliki insists America respect Iraq’s national sovereignty:

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