News and Analysis (8/28/08)

An Iraqi official says that the U.S. handing control of what was once the heart of the bloody Sunni Arab insurgency to the Iraqi government reflects a dramatic drop in violence across the country …

… but the redeployment of only 1,500 troops raises concerns that Taliban offensives in Afghanistan are over-extending US forces.

As lawyers demand reinstatement of chief justice, insurgents and police targeted in attacks.:

Crowds of people have welcomed home the passengers and crew who were hijacked on a plane diverted to Libya:

India struggles with bad press in the face of the death of Imran Ahmad Wani, and now of two hostages …

… as they continue to use violence to suppress an increasingly non-violent demand for independence:

An armed group in Somalia has released the local UN refugee agency chief who was seized in June near Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, the refugee agency said.

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