News and Analysis (8/29/08)

In the face of a resurgent liberal Islamic opposition, the Malaysian government resorts to what is believed to be the first act of censorship “against a non-pornographic website:”

Arrested by Israel on his return, the only Jewish member of the expedition, says things are the opposite of the Israeli perception that all Gazans hate Israelis, but in reality, “there is a basis for peacemaking here:”

The Pentagon denies the U.N. report on the size of the recent “collateral damage” …

… while the first civilian jury to judge an ex-serviceman charged with a combat crime cites “lack of evidence” in explaining its acquittal:

Despite lingering security concerns, the economic resurgence of southern Iraq is encouraging:

The first major oil deal in Iraq goes not to the West, but to China, as the U.S. arrests a close associate of leading Iraqi War advocate Ahmed Chalabi:

Political motives suspected in Yemeni anti-terror measures:

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