News and Analysis (9/20/12)

Does  this mean we shall soon see signs onNYC transit saying “In any war between the civilized man and racists, support the civilized man. Support Palestinians Defeat Apartheid”? Or is freedom of speech only for bigots?

Cindy Garcia’s plea was rejected “in part because the man behind it was not served with a copy of the lawsuit. Also, Garcia wasn’t able to produce any agreement she had with filmmakers” and in part because of “a federal law that protects third parties from liability for content they handle”:

Among the broad spectrum of Muslim leaders calling for a calm response to the cartoons they deem  offensive, “Tunisia’s ruling Islamist party, Ennahda, condemned what it called an act of “aggression” against Mohammad but urged Muslims not to fall into a trap intended to ‘derail the Arab Spring and turn it into a conflict with the West’”:

World Bank warns of mounting economic crisis in Palestine unless sustained by private investment and Israel lifts its restrictions in the West Bank.

Rule of law? Libya’s central government is so out of control that Benghazi’s security chief  “sacked this week over the attack on the U.S. Consulate here that killed the ambassador and three other Americans … sees little peril in refusing an order from the Interior Ministry in Tripoli that he step down from his post”:

Perhaps the paradox can be explained by the fact that his soothing words have been accompanied by an escalation of his predecessors militant policies:

A glimpse of a disturbing future? “The birth in a field hospital is thought to be the first time a serving member of Britain’s military has gone into labor in a combat zone”:

The “30-year-old Army private, served in Iraq in 2006” where “she became disillusioned with the mission” and “crossed the border into Canada while on leave in February 2007, after she was ordered to serve another tour there”:

“Muslims in America need to break out of their cocoons in mosques and practice what the Koran preaches and the values that prophet Muhammad exemplified even in the face of discrimination and animosity—patience and good civic engagement”:






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