News and Analysis (9/28/12)

In Libya and Tunisia, crackdowns are planned those who would attack embassies; in America, of course we would never attack a diplomat–OOPS:

California con men aren’t the only ones making fun of Islam, as Saudis make a mockery of Hajj, forcing hundreds of women to turn back “because their male guardians had been checked and cleared ahead of them” so at the women’s turn “security claimed they were not accompanied by their guardians and were unwilling to listen to any explanation”:

The Benghazi attack may have been an unintended consequence of the U.S. intervention into Libya that has resulted in an al-Qaeda beechhead in Mali:

A Saudi princess says the issue is not driving, but human rights:

“A man who assaulted two men because he thought they were Muslims and was then ordered to write a report on the cultural contributions of Islam has a new assignment”:

Egypt’s “first civilian president elected democratically following a peaceful revolution … laid out the new Egypt’s vision on issues in the Middle East and Africa and denounced a recent video that mocked Islam” and “said the most important issue facing the international community is the need to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”:

A Muslim preacher accused of tearing “a copy of the Bible outside the US embassy during protests against the YouTube clip … was released until his trial, while [a Christian charged under the same blasphemy law] remains in prison during his case.” The Muslim’s son and a journalist who interviewed him … were also charged, for reasons that remain unclear”:

“In May, as he appeared as a witness in 36th District Court, Fareed said two security officers told him he would have to remove [his kufi, a Muslim skullcap] or leave”:

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