News and Analysis (10/11/12)

In a shocking interview with the Hebrew press an Israeli police chief admits to knowing who is behind the mosque arson, but declares his intentions to deport “leftists and anarchists” (i.e., international human rights activists) instead:

“The BBC’s Jon Leyne in Cairo says the verdict is likely to infuriate many Egyptians. It is also likely to be an embarrassment to Mubarak’s successor, Mohammed Morsi, our correspondent adds, who has promised to bring to justice all those responsible for killing opposition supporters during the revolution”:

Eric Nordstrom says his please for more security in Benghazi were denied because “there was too much political cost”:

“Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had regarded the sanctity of Muslim’s life and property more important than the sanctity of the ‘Kaaba’ (sacred Muslim place)” and ““Islam does not stop women from acquiring education and by attacking Malala the Taliban have crossed the limits of Islam,” says the fatwa  …

… of the shooting of the girl who wrote “I wanted to scream, shout and tell the whole world what we were going through. But it was not possible. The Taliban would have killed me, my father, my whole family. I would have died without leaving any mark. So I chose to write with a different name. And it worked, as my valley has been freed”:

In the “11 years [since 9/11] , the U.S. has become exceptional at hunting and killing Islamic extremists. But it still does not know how to undercut the basic appeal of Islamic extremism”:

Prosecutors call the convicted fraudster’s request to be housed with the jail’s general inmate population “unwise” …

… while Indonesian preacher Habib Munzir Almusawa advises “his tens of thousands of followers in Jakarta: Just ignore” the insulting film:

“The transsexuals had argued that Malaysia’s constitution is supposed to uphold freedom of expression and forbid discrimination based on gender. However, the High Court ruled that Muslim transsexuals cannot be exempted from” traditional juristic (fiqh) rulilngs erroneously labelled “Shariah legal provisions”:

“Many of the people continue to feel alienated by the system,” he said. “And, those who feel that there is no way out will continue to articulate their grievances through the barrel of a gun” – President Benigno Aquino:
Syria denies Turkey’s claim that the civilian airliner had “missile parts” on board and call Turkey’s confiscation of its cargo “piracy”:


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