News and Analysis (10/12/12)

Release of a draft constitution and dissatisfaction over the acquittal of Mubarak’s shock troops are ingredients in a mix of emerging turmoil:

Iraqi and Afghan war crime issues continue to be problematic:

Demonstrating “absolute defiance,” Khamenei dismisses Western gloating over Iran’s currency crisis, minimizing the street protest;  “For about two or three hours, a number of people set some garbage cans on fire on two Tehran streets, and immediately officials of certain countries flouted diplomatic protocol and childishly expressed delight”:

Nasrallah “said the drone was able to film strategic and sensitive Israeli facilities — it was downed near the Dimona nuclear facility — and claimed that his group plans to put more drones in the air over Israel”:

“They can make us into a police force, or village watchers, even militia units. But they can not just take away our guns” – MILF brigade chief Guiazakallaha Jaafar:

Details of the Taliban plot against their 14-yr.-old enemy emerge:

With Netanyahu expected to win another term in Israel and Palestinians skeptical over their own elections, no progress is anticipated on either side:

“In a forthcoming Israeli TV documentary, former Sgt. Gilad Schalit said his Hamas captors treated him well for the most part, but he feared he would never be released”:

“While Hui Muslims enjoy freedom to practice their religion, Muslim Uighurs face strict government repression in far-western Xinjiang province. Bao says while the Hui have happily assimilated with the majority Han, the Uighurs have not”:

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