News and Analysis (10/18/12)

The Israeli “government research detailing the number of calories Palestinians in Gaza need to consume to avoid malnutrition”gives credence to the UN’s concern that “if the research reflected a policy intended to cap food imports, it went against humanitarian principles”:

“The clip, which has been viewed over 13 million times on YouTube since it was uploaded by an anonymous user in 2009, combines dramatic music with skewed population statistics to make claims about various European countries such as ‘In just 39 years France will be an Islamic republic'”:

“In midsummer, Hashemi wrote to United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon calling on him to intervene for the health of Iranian patients who, she said, have had ‘their basic human right’ taken away from them because of sanctions”:

The Roman Catholic boy who plead guilty to grand attacks “said he converted to Islam in 2005 and traveled to Somalia” for training and “returned in 2011 and carried out attacks after Kenya sent soldiers into Somalia. ‘If they killed some of our members in Somalia, I had to kill some civilians here. It was tit for tat,’ he told investigators”:

Malala Yousufzai is showing some improvement …
… but “Pakistan’s media have expressed alarm at Taliban threats to target journalists after critical coverage of the shooting”:
Another unintended consequence of American interventionism:
A tyranny of the majority? “In the void of justice and security on Egypt’s streets, the directives of law enforcement that once flowed from the top down now increasingly flow the other way as a population empowered by the strength of revolution has sought to define a new society — with or without the central government’s support” …
… and human “rights groups say that some Islamic conservatives have been emboldened by the success of groups like Muslim Brotherhood and the ultraconservative Salafi trend in parliamentary and presidential elections and have been increasingly brazen about forcing their standards on other Egyptians”:

Mr Brahimi wants a truce over the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, which starts on 25 October, to “allow a political process to develop”:

“20 percent of the country’s 2 million Kurds were stripped of citizenship rights in 1962, effectively banning them from owning property or marrying. But in April last year, Assad restored these rights in a bid to win Kurdish support in the early days of the uprising. Many believe the” Syrian Kurds are trying to emulate Iraqi Kurds in seeking autonomy”:

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