News and Analysis (10/20/12)

“Sponsor Charles Mainor, an assemblyman who is also a Jersey City police officer, says New York police targeted many innocent Muslims during their surveillance. His legislation allows prosecutors to get an injunction blocking an agency from conducting surveillance if it hasn’t complied with the notification requirements”:

The young Bangladeshi recruited by the FBI to blow up the NY Federal Reserve Bank has been linked to Hizb at-Tahrir, a group as opposed to violence as it is to democracy:

As pundits, law enforcement authoritiies, and politicians try to sort out what really happened in Libya …
… fighting continues and spreads:
Self-described as “half-gay,” the “former atheist” who “became Muslim after a 2007 trip to Turkey” wants to form a chapter of Muslims for Progressive Values because he is “no longer able to participate in the Friday prayers where women are segregated and homosexuals must endure moral discrimination”:

Kaysar Trad believed the under Islam school had a duty to be like a second parent to the students, but one parent accused him of being ”’very soft” and some teachers felt he undermined their authority” but protesting students defend him, complaining “”We’re all sick and tired of the way the teachers have been treating us, disrespecting our rights”:

“The Pakistani girl shot in the head by the Taliban for wanting an education stood up today in a remarkable comeback from her near fatal wound” and “posed for photos in her hospital bed showing her awake and snuggling with a white teddy bear”:

“{S]upporters of an Islamist separatist group have repeatedly fought police over the disappearance of their spiritual leader, who was then released after nearly four days in captivity”:
“Authorities believed that the obvious Muslim prayer may have made them a target”:


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